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Valv - encypted gallery vault

Valv - Encrypted gallery vault

An encrypted gallery secured by ChaCha20.

Utdelningsdag för Postnord ikon

Utdelningsdag för Postnord

En app för att hålla koll på Postnords varannandagsutdelning. Sök efter ett postnummer och se vilka dagar posten delas ut.

Pledge Watcher - Get notified for Kickstarter

Get notified for new/lost backers, pledges and comments on Kickstarter projects.

VAT Calculator - add and remove VAT easily

Add or remove VAT to a price easily.

HSIMP app icon

How Secure Is My Password?

Test your password's strength and get tips on how to make it more secure.

Random Country Selector

Randomly select one of the world's 240+ countries and islands

Val Thorens Webcams

Stay up to date with the latest images from 11 webcams located in Val Thorens

Cervinia Webcams

Stay up to date with the latest alp images from five webcams located in Cervinia

Square Platformer - Demo

A 2D platformer game where your goal is to reach the end of every level alive.

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